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Em 5 days ago

Crab Fries

One of the best meals I've had in Atlanta! Just GO!!!

Sherikalittle 16 days ago

Fried Chicken

We ordered several dishes...Fried Chicken, Lobster Fried Rice and the crab grilled cheese. I washed mine down with a passion fruit margarita. I love the quaint ambiance of the establishment, the courtesy of the employees and the amazing food.

Pattersonal18 17 days ago

Fried Chicken

When I am craving fried chicken, one of the first spots on my mind is Poor Calvin's. They have mastered the crispy crunch of the chicken skin you want without drying out the meat. This dish is packed with flavor and accompanied by lobster mac and cheese. You'll want a whole bowl of it! Its creamy, cheesy, and super delicious! This was the first dish I tried and it was sooo hard for me to try anything else the first 5 times I went. That's how good it is!

Fledamjackson 18 days ago

Grilled New Zealand Lamb Chops

The way that the food was displayed was a work of art that matched the succulent taste of the lamb chops. The banana pudding was the best that I have ever had; so smooth and creamy.

Guest 20 days ago

Shrimp, Cajun Sausage & Cheese GA Grits

Had the Shrimp and Grits during brunch with the girls on Sunday! Amazing!

Junetwins2011 23 days ago

Fried Chicken

The fried chicken dinner was absolutely delicious! It came with greens and lobster mac n' cheese . I had it last month and I still daydream about it ! ๐Ÿ˜‹ ๐Ÿฝ I'm definitely going back!

Paofrost 26 days ago

Pad Thai Tiger Shrimp and Scallops*

Poor Calvin's Pad Thai Tiger Shrimp and Scallops dish is OUT OF THIS WORLD INCREDIBLE. For starters, it comes in a pineapple dish, which give the whole meal a sweet and tangy flavor to it. It comes with plenty of shrimp and scallops, and will surely become your new favorite go-to dish. It has definitely become mine!!

Ssabdullah2011 27 days ago

Fried Chicken

This is definitely our favorite meal!! We'll be calling in tomorrow on New Year's Eve to place our order!!!!!

Jamiesobotka 27 days ago

Lobster Wontons

The Lobster Wontons are to die for! Easily the best part of our meal. The flavors blended together beautifully with a nice crunch that sealed the deal.

Ellagist 27 days ago

Shrimp, Cajun Sausage & Cheese GA Grits

Never disappointed when I eat here. I've been for dinner and brunch and both experiences were great. One of my favorites is the Cajun Shrimp and Grits. Large portions and the drinks are amazing!

Taylorrencher 29 days ago


I'm planning to visit on my birthday, January 3rd! I've heard so many great things about this place from friends and family. Everyone endlessly raves about the atmosphere, staff, food and cocktails. I'm excited to finally give my updated reviews on my personal experience very soon! Looking at Instagram photos and yelp reviews rises my anticipation even more!

Sendlovehere1st about 1 month ago

Lobster Wontons

Large and beautifully crispy! Creamy Deliciousness with nice chunks of lobster meat! Perfect sauce pairing!

Elbraverman about 1 month ago

Steamed Chicken & Pork Dumplings

Had Christmas dinner and this was one of the appetizers my family shared. So flavorful. Good choice.

Mwilso94 about 1 month ago

Stir Fried Vegetable TOFU

The stir fried vegetable tofu is incredible. As a vegetarian I'm sometimes disappointed in limited vegetarian options but this dish is absolutely delicious and keeps me coming back!

Justinamantione about 1 month ago

Frankly My Dear

My husband and I frequent Poor Calvin's, we've honestly loved every meal, cocktail, and dessert we've tried. Service is always exceptional. Our favorite restaurant in Atlanta!

Bpoole about 1 month ago

Crab Meat Grilled Cheese

Best brunch item I have ever had. The plate is more than sufficient to fill a healthy appetite.

Lbdubwa about 1 month ago

Deviled Eggs

These were positively delish! One of the best appetizers I have ever had. There is nothing traditional about them. Lightly fried, topped with Korean beef...They are a culinary work of art. A must try!

Lcmutcherson 6 days ago

Lobster Fried Rice

Their Lobster Fried Rice is the best Fried Rice I've ever had. I stopped in one night for dinner and being that it was my first time there I asked for suggestions from the waiter. The waiter suggested the Lobster Fried Rice and told me how popular it is and how "you can not go wrong" with this dish.... "You can not go wrong" is a understatement, this meal is filling and extremely tasty. Always order their Lobster Fried Rice, you will thank me later. It is well worth the money!!

Hlk 17 days ago

Fried Chicken

This is one of the best meals I've ever had. Every single time I come to Poor Calvin's I get the same dish because it's so good and any time someone visits me in town I take them to get it too. It's a perfect meal if you're looking for something you can't get anywhere else or for a special occasion (we went again for our fourth anniversary dinner). Also, try the crab wontons and the Long Island Tiki, they're delicious!

Brandilatrice 18 days ago

Lobster Fried Rice

All of the food here is amazing but the lobster fried rice is by far my favorite dish! They do not skimp on the lobster chunks and the flavor is superb. Poor Calvin's is typically my very first recommendation anytime anyone asks me a great place they should try for lunch or dinner. Awesome customer service and great vibe whether for brunch or dinner!

Chandrika 19 days ago

Fried Chicken

First time going was recently and I live here in atlanta GA the food was so good I called back later that night to try the crab meat grilled cheeses but its only available during brunch hrs I alos tried the seafood egg rool it was AMAZING cant waitto go back MUST TRY MUST GO!

Haileysanders76 21 days ago

Shrimp, Cajun Sausage & Cheese GA Grits

This is the best shrimp and grits in Atlanta. It was so filling and perfectly cheesy. I can't wait to have it again!

Ellismeg0 26 days ago

Crab Meat Grilled Cheese

This is somewhere in the range of buttery, savory, crispy, and cheesy heaven. Poor Calvin's has mastered keeping the bread crispy and even the little corners of the cheese crispy but the bite is soft and full of delicious REAL crab and yummy cheesy buttery fabulousness. Paired with a wasabi mayo drizzle on the fried potatoes that is equally amazing and it all compliments each other. Pair it with a fruit punch and you are officially an adult transformed to a kid in heaven after a playing in snow when you come in the house for a hot grilled cheese. The portion size is generous and will not disappoint or leave you hungry.

Ariel 27 days ago

Fried Frog leg

Better than Coney Island! I loved it and can't wait to come back.

Ssabdullah2011 27 days ago

Lobster Macaroni & Cheese

Omg omg omg!! We Absolutely Love the Lobster Mac!! We always order it while dining in the restaurant and order it for takeout. This year we ordered it as takeout for our Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners! Everyone said it was Amazing! We'll be calling in on New Year's Eve (Tomorrow) to place an order too! ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜

Guest 27 days ago

Lobster Fried Rice

Best fried rice ever ๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค—๐Ÿ˜

Ttyner123 28 days ago

Lobster Fried Rice

By far the BEST bunch item in town!!! Fresh, fused, and definitely a gut buster. Forgot to mention of course, an appetizer opener and a wonderful crafted mimosa to wash it all down. Literally, if you ask me to Slap my mama. I will!! And, she would understand after a bring her back!!!

Joybwebb 30 days ago

Prik Kingh Smoked Duck

Very good, I tried something different per servers recommendation and it was excellent! The atmosphere is always great here which makes it one of my favorites in Atlanta.

Elbraverman about 1 month ago

Siam Fried Grouper

Enjoyed twice. At dinner on Christmas and again today for lunch.

Aishamiller64 about 1 month ago

Fried Calamari

The food was extremely delicious. Definitely mouth watering! 10/10! Would recommend any one to try it out.

Jmack0709 about 1 month ago

Basil Chicken and Shrimp

Simply loved this dish.... would recommend to everyone!

Bigel4jc about 1 month ago

Crispy Beef

The first time I ate at Poor Calvin's I was hesitant because I had no idea what Asian Fusion meant. Some friends from Oklahoma had seen it on Food Network and wanted to go try it while visiting Atlanta, so we did. I ended up selecting the Crispy Beef entree. After one bite I knew I needed to leave enough to take some home to share with my wife, because this was now my new favorite restaurant in Atlanta. The southern-style infusion of flavor into the classic Mongolian beef recipe was perfection. If I could eat here once a week I would, but anytime we have guests from out of town we make a point to have dinner at Poor Calvin's. -Ryan

Tgdofatl about 1 month ago

Chicken and Sweet Potato Waffle

Perfectly crispy, juicy chicken, just sweet enough tender waffle. The sweet and salty flavor combination is a winner. My favorite chicken and waffles in Atlanta!


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