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Calonaghackett 1 day ago

Lobster Fried Rice

This is my favorite restaurant ever! I recommend this restaurant to everyone who visits Atlanta. However, I'm disappointed in the host today, I witnessed her make a very snarky comment behind a guest back. I was completely shocked.

Guest 2 days ago

Scallop Curry *gluten free

One of the best curries I ever had.

Rdicello2 3 days ago

Lobster Wontons

Choosing one item to review is really unfair but this is a staple for us. We shard these lobster won tons with every visitor we have to our city if Atlanta. It's always awesome!

Justin 5 days ago

Chicken and Sweet Potato Waffle

Super soft waffles coupled with a big, juicy piece of fried chicken and tasty garnishes! Doesn't get any better than this!

Justin 5 days ago


Hands down, Atlanta's BEST tasting Sangria. You won't be disappointed!

Guest 6 days ago

Prik King Fried Grouper

Wow. Great blend of flavor and ingredients,

Reginaldlbutler 6 days ago

Pineapple Fried Rice

This is one of my favorite brunch (and dinner) spots... @poorcalvins . This #ATL staple specializes in Asian fusion cuisine and at Calvin's it's all about the SAUCE. But I tell ya, EVERYTHING on the menu is good... Beans, Greens, Potatoes, Tomatoes.. #YouNameIt . My go to though are the crab wontons, they're addicting (topped with caviar) and instill this warm sensation I can't quite name. Could this be love? Aside from the unique cuisine, delicious sauces, and tasty hand-crafted drinks, the other reason I love this place is because the worlds best server works here. Lola aka Sha-na-na is the heart of this place. If you are lucky enough the universe will work in your favor and you can experience all of her sha-na-na-ness in the "VIP" section... #brunchinbourgeoisiely #brunch #foodie

Renethomas2217 7 days ago

Fried Chicken

Poor Calvin's by far is my favorite restaurant to dine at in Atlanta ,this is my third time visiting Atlanta, and every time I come I can not return back home and not come here, there food is amazing, and awesome cocktail, there staff customer service is on 100, they make you feel very welcoming, I make sure I tell friends and family members that I know will be visiting to make sure they come to this restaurant, I will be back in Atlanta in August and most defiantly will be coming back.

Jbill.Emg 8 days ago

Lobster Fried Rice

Everything about Poor Calvin's is A-1. From the food to the service to the ambience. I'm never disappointed by the food, but the lobster fried rice is a must have. Be back soon.

Ladyleo874 10 days ago

Crispy Beef

Loved this dish it's my go to never fail choice when I'm undecided.

Shakiabuncum 12 days ago

Prik King Fried Grouper

Devine is what I said when I took a spoonful of the dish in my mouth. This was my second time visiting this resturant and my husband's 3rd, since we stumbled upon this place 2 months ago. The watermelon salad was also delishious and the Poundcake is a sin. lol. We are forever customers to this place we love it. Thanks for the great food and services everytime.

Lilbambino331 13 days ago

Beignet Basket

Amazing!!! I always get these for a starter. Just as good as the ones made in New Orleans, YUM!!

Jasmynreddicks 14 days ago

Lobster Fried Rice

The dish was amazing! Great quality dish!

Itaski.Arnette 15 days ago


All you need is one! They do not skimp on the alcohol or flavor.

Makebawoods 23 days ago

Lobster Fried Rice

This lobster fried rice was the best I've ever had of this dish anywhere. And then I had a lychee martini that was heavenly! Truly enjoyed this restaurant. Atlanta's best kept secret.

Beverlyfooks 25 days ago

Prik King Fried Grouper

My husband introduced me to Poor Calvin's. And what a wonderful find! We have visited the restaurant a couple of times and each visit was amazing. The atmosphere is fun and lively, the staff exceptional. I don't think words can describe the food. Everything we have tried is a smashing success! My husband is sold on the lobster fried rice! I have told everyone I know to try out Poor Calvin's. They will go back again and again!

Janika05 25 days ago

Prik King Fried Grouper

This savory and sweet dish is so worth getting! It's plenty of food and there is flavor in every bite. I took my leftovers home and my husband finished it up. We love Poor Calvins! Try the Lobster Fried Rice, Pad Thai and the Tom yum soup or the wontons.......Yum 😊

Sharond1070 27 days ago

Bloody Mary


Rhondapollack 2 days ago

Fried Chicken

The fried chicken was moist and fried nice and crispy, just perfect. The lobster Mac and cheese was creamy and delightful. This meal was absolutely wonderful! Poor Calvin's is my favorite restaurant in Atlanta.

Highspeedrail11 3 days ago

Prik King Fried Grouper

So many layers of flavors that go so well together. The cocktails are unique too. You will think about this meal and want to come back again and again. All my friends are coming back again too. That say a lot.

Justin 5 days ago

Pineapple Fried Rice

Amazing dish full of so many flavors that are perfectly paired together. Try the chicken option during lunch too - my favorite!

Justin 5 days ago

Fried Fish & Grits

Crispy, yet tender fish. Buttery and smooth grits. The perfect dish for brunch!

Patricia.Morgan55 5 days ago

Fried Chicken

The chicken was very good. The season was on point. And it was so moist. The serving size was more than enough for one person. Our waiter was very prompt and efficient.

Anasalley3 6 days ago

Curry Tofu (Gluten Free)

The curry tofu was AMAZING!! My meal came out very fresh within a timely manner. The seasonings were marvelous. The tofu was cooked to perfection. I loved the flavors in the sauce. It's such a pretty color too. Doesn't matter if you're a vegan or a meat eater, give this dish a shot!!!

Ttaharka 6 days ago

Lobster Fried Rice

The Lobster Fried Rice was delicious along with the Shrimp & Grits. Our waitress was Lowla & she was absolutely amazing & very knowledgeable about the menu items. We will definitely be returning.

Dominiquealiciacason 7 days ago

Prik King Fried Grouper

First time coming for Father's Day and the food was great. The server help us understand the dish and help us decide on the food and the seafood spring rolls was the BEST. I will definitely be coming again! Great restaurant. Definitely recommend to try it out

Suyre 9 days ago

Lobster Macaroni & Cheese

The lobster Mac & Cheese was so delicious. The creamy cheese and hearty pieces of lobster along with the tender macaroni created the perfect taste my taste buds needed. Thanks Poor Calvin's for delivering on a great fulfilled dish.

Enero79 12 days ago

Lobster Fried Rice

I have never been disappointed with any meal at Poor Calvins but if i had to pick a favorite it would be the lobster fried rice. Absolutely delicious and light. Full of flavor with a golden fried lobster tail to top it off!

Martapaz23 12 days ago


Omg!!! This place is insanely good. I just moved to Atlanta from NYC and I've been looking for that elusive combination of amazing food that feels comforting and upscale at the same time. Add great quality, friendly and extremely good looking staff, and creative cocktails that don't feel too boozy... and you get it! Poor Calvin's hits all the spots. The wine list is small but includes all you need. And the check... what can I say other than: you bet I'll be back

Kirstenhogebookings 13 days ago

Chicken and Sweet Potato Waffle

So delicious!!!! This was my first time here and I am so glad we tried it out. All of the food looked amazing and the chicken and waffle was the perfect brunch meal. I would definitely recommend this to friends!

Bktashinarenee 15 days ago

Lobster Fried Rice

The Lobster Fried Rice, lobster mac n cheese, seafood spring rolls, crab fries, fried green tomatos & Sangria was AMAZING. I've visited Poor Calvin's several times & the food & service is ALWAYS EXCELLENT!!!!

Guest 18 days ago

Seafood Spring Rolls

I LOVE THESE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fancidiva 24 days ago

Lobster Fried Rice

Poor Calvin's is my favorite restaurant in Atlanta! I've never had a bad meal here. EVERYTHING is always delicious and prepared and flavored so well. The drinks are delicious. The dessert is poppin! Even their lunch menu is hittin! Lol! My favorite dish is the Lobster Fried Rice! I literally dream about eating it lol! The service has always been top notch as well! Here are a few tips: Always RSVP! If you have a larger crowd (over 6), this may not be the spot for you. This restaurant is intimate (small). The parking lot is also small; however, valet is available (sometimes). There is also street parking nearby.

Dunga34 25 days ago

Lobster Fried Rice

This was the most amazing meal I had and the server was so nice and quirky.She made our day!

Caseyehlers76 26 days ago

Fried Chicken

I have never tasted anything so perfect in my life. Poor Calvin's fried chicken gives me the chills and makes me smile from ear to ear. If it's possible to have a food orgasm, I have achieved multiple glorious climaxes while eating Poor Calvin's fried chicken. It's served with lobster macaroni and cheese and just when I think I can't eat another bite, I manage to devour every last morsel of delightful delicious crispy creamy perfection.

Brown Cora 27 days ago

Fried Chicken

The fried chicken, collards and lobster Mac and cheese were delicious! I also had the grilled pound cake with strawberries and bananas and ice cream. It was absolutely amazing!! I highly recommend this place. The flavors are awesome!!