Owner and Chef

Chef Calvin Phan was exposed to the restaurant business at an early age, having come from a family who owned several restaurants, of all calibers, in Europe. Through this solid foundation he immediately fell in love with culinary arts and decided to fulfill his life-long dream of working with food by attending culinary school in Germany.

After completing his training, Phan worked as a chef in Switzerland for two years before moving to Georgia; where he opened and ran a Thai restaurant in Statesboro for 3 1/2 years before moving up to Atlanta in November to work within a larger scale. 

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"Though he may maintain a tight budget—it’s how his restaurant got its name, after all—Calvin Phan has the skills and passion to put a unique spin on seemingly straightforward meals at his restaurant, Poor Calvin’s."

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"Pretty amazing"

Cliff Bostic, famous Atlanta food critic reviews Poors Calvin's!

"Take a bite. Chew. Enjoy."

"Throughout history, humankind has followed a simple rule: put any word with 'lobster' and you've just created something delicious.  Think about it..."



Thrillist Best Brunch in Atlanta

"Whether you're getting fried chicken or Pad Thai, this downtown spot makes fusion easy to take by endlessly fusing Champagne and OJ. . ."

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"The food and drinks are surreal"

Poor Calvin's is reviewed by the Atlanta Voice.  Click the image above to see what one of the most trusted sites in Atlanta has to say about our spot!



"Best Cocktails in Atlanta."

"Poor Calvin's uses Chilean Moai pisco in its cocktail, which will automatically turn off the Peruvian purists (the two countries argue over the spirit's origin).  But whatever. . ."

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"Taste Bud Magic Happens"

"Southern food with a very unique twist, Poor Calvin's recreates Georgia classics with a Thai spin. . ."

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FCA 2015

"Best Pisco Sour I've had outside of Peru"

"I wish more served in Atlanta were like ours that evening. Besides being there when we needed him..."

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